Based on the scientific roadmap, which is based on high-level documents, the Scientific Association of the Constitutional Law of Iran seeks to expand, expand and deepen the idea of constitutional law, new horizons in education, research and establishing international scientific relations with other associations. Provided similar in the world. “Read more …


Our Mission

Creating the necessary conditions for the development and scientific advancement of constitutional rights in Iran in the country with the aim of trying to establish communication between the ideas and thinkers of universities and relevant bodies and improve the methods of action of public institutions based on public law teachings in general and constitutional rights in particular and use One of the latest achievements and scientific findings in increasing the country’s capacity to ensure the achievement of the goals of constitutional law knowledge.

Our Services

The Scientific Association of the Constitution of Iran was opened in 2006 and its main purpose is education. This association provides superior services in the field of law and rights.

Scientific events

Holding and celebrating scientific and legal events throughout the year

Conferences and seminars

Holding specialized conferences and seminars in the field of Iranian constitution and law

Education Courses

Holding valid training courses and providing certificates from official authorities by the experts of the association


Providing expert advice in the field of Iranian constitution and law to those interested

Latest scientific articles and writings

All articles in the field of constitutional law and related topics

Comments of community members

Know some of the opinions of association members and professors ...

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